Driving Instruction and Classroom Instruction

Dutch Fork Driving School is most flexible when scheduling driving lessons.

Instruction includes 8 hours of classroom and 6 hours of behind-the-wheel driving. Classroom is conducted in a single session and includes a lunch break. The 6 hours of driving may be divided into three sessions of 2:30 + 2:30 + 1 = 6 hours, with the last hour serving as a review just before the road test, so that the student goes into the test at peak performance. The first two lessons can start & end at the student’s house, if in the nearby area. Or the lessons may be divided into four shorter sessions of 1:40 + 1:40 + 1:40 + 1 = 6 hours, if the lessons all start at 230 Walnut Grove Circle, Irmo, and ending at the student’s house in the nearby area.

Minimum Requirements

The 8 hours of class and 6 hours of behind-the-wheel driving with a driving instructor is the minimum required for 15-16-year-olds getting a driver’s license and the minimum for 17+ year olds to qualify for insurance discount. Note: “Alive at 25” classroom does not count towards insurance discount, but is required for a student parking pass at many high schools.

If desired, a student can start driving lessons ahead of the class date. Ideally the last driving lesson should occur within a few days of going for the road test, which is after at least 180 days of holding a learner’s permit.

About our Classroom Instruction

Class size is limited to 17 students to ensure everyone gets the attention they need. Mercifully, Power Point is NOT used at Dutch Fork Driving School.

Schedule Your Sessions

To get started, please contact Richard Zimmer at 803-407-1600 or email at dutchforkdriving@bellsouth.net to set up a registration visit at 230 Walnut Grove Circle, Irmo. 15 minutes will be needed for paperwork, and more time if the student is ready to schedule any of the lessons on the calendar.

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