Driver's Ed Instructor Richard Zimmer

My name is Richard Zimmer and I am a driver's ed instructor who specializes in teaching beginner drivers. I am excellent with teenagers and also very good with nervous drivers.

I am a retired Navy veteran and reside in Irmo, near Dutch Fork High School. I enjoyed teaching my own daughters how to drive so much that I decided to do this for a living.

I've been a driver's ed instructor in Irmo since 2008. All students are welcome at my driving school: Dutch Fork High, Chapin High, Irmo High, Spring Hill High, Home Schooled, Online Students, Adults. Students further away have come to Dutch Fork Driving School, including: Lexington High, River Bluff High, Columbia High, Fairfield High, Mid Carolina High, Ridgeview High, Richard Winn Academy, Ben Lippen, Hammond School, Heathwood Academy, Eau Clair High, and others.

Dutch Fork Driving School Instructor Richard Zimmer and his family