The rate is $390 for the standard course. This includes the eight hour class with six hours of behind-the-wheel instruction.

Adults: The rate is $170 for the adult course, which consist of two hours of behind-the-wheel instruction (focusing on road test preparation) and eight hours of classroom instruction. Note: This adult rate will not meet insurance discount requirements, but can with an additional four hours of behind-the-wheel instruction for an additional 220 dollars.


Gift Certificates: Always available upon request.


Third Party Test (TPT) program:  Dutch Fork Driving School offers the road test with the 2012 Mazda Miata for $70. (That’s $460 for the standard course including the road test, or $240 for the adult course, including the road test.)  Being a one-man show, it’s a lot less nerve-wracking when the examiner is the same as the instructor.

The written test for the learner’s permit is offered for $20.